The Entertaining Oddballz


This concept is a labor of LOVE.  Our music started out as family fun time that turned out to be commercially viable.  These characters were created for children to enjoy.  That being said, this is an extremely expensive endeavor  We have just completed our first short film, a lesson plan on disability integration for general curriculum K-8 Students.  This lesson plan was created by North Carolina Special Educator and Autism mom Dr. Marquis Grant and animated through a partnership with the University of Maryland Baltimore County's Arts program.  We are about to offer our animated lesson plan ABSOLUTELY FREE to K-8 teachers and school systems both in The Unites States and internationally.  Our mission is to foster an appreciation for disabled identities so that disabled children no longer face bullying and discrimination.  We are hoping to create a better world for the next generation of disabled people and increase integration for disabled people into the general community within their society on equal footing with others.  To create lesson plans of this nature and have them animated, we need funding.  Further, funding is also needed to support our other ardent efforts.  We support and do business with suppliers and other businesses owned by disabled individuals.   We give internships to disabled students to help them build their resumes and gain valuable experience and a reference in furtherance of their career opportunities.  We give educational toys away for free to schools in underprivileged neighborhoods and medical centers for afflicted young people.  Your donation of any size would be of great assistance as we seek to find financing to keep all of the above programs alive.  

If you donate even a small amount, please contact us so that we may thank you properly!


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